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Enclosed Trailer Accessories - How they can organize your trailer. #5


Enclosed Trailer Accessories for those tight spaces.

Did you know that you can get a diamond plate aluminum base cabinet in a narrow version?narrow trailer base cabinet, narrow diamond plate aluminum base cabinet

This narrow version of a Pit Products standard 4 foot base cabinet was designed for those trailers that are tight on space.

I know, all trailers are tight on space but some more definitely have less space than others.

You know those trailers, when you bought it there was plenty of room but then you want to take this and that and then next thing you know it is a mess with no room!

At only 10 inches deep the narrow base cabinet fits perfectly down the side wall or over the wheel well to add some much needed storage room in your trailer without taking up very much floor space!

The narrow base cabinet comes with one shelf that you securely bolt into position, and optional shleves are available if you would like to add more shelf space. The cabinet also features a full bottom so if you would like to wall mount the cabinet you could store your fuel jugs or other items below it.

Available with either a smooth or diamond plate top and smooth or diamond plate doors you can custom tailor the look of the cabinet to the inside of your trailer.

These narrow storage cabinets also work great down the side or front wall of your garage where that space is a premium but you could use some extra storage space.



As long as we are on the subject of having limited space to work with in your trailer, how many times have you wished you had some type of small table or tray that wouldn't get in the way when hauling your precious cargo?fold down work tray, enclosed trailer work tray

Maybe you are taking shelter in your trailer during a rain shower and need a place to put down your coffee or have pulled the broken dirt bike in side to get our of the blistering sun and need a place to put the nuts and bolts where they will not get lost?

A Fold Down Work Tray is just what you have wanted all along! With its fold up space saving design it sticks out from the wall only 3 inches when folded up and gives you a 14 inch deep tray when folded down. Available in 16 and 32 inch lengths they can easily hold those larger parts too.


aluminum trailer work tray








Cord Hangers are another great way to reclaim some of the floor space in your trailer, and clean up those tripping hazards that electrical cords and air hoses make.cord hangers

These cord hangers are made out of lightweight high quality aluminum construction and do their job by getting those cords up off the floor, organized and easy to grab for use when you need them. With Pit Products cord hangers being available in three sizes you can hang electrical cords, air hoses and even garden hoses on them.

We have even seen them being used to hold those twenty to thirty foot long tow straps on a trailer wall!

As with a lot of the products made by Pit Products these cord hangers work awesome in your garage, wood shop, race shop or utility closet.


One of those ofter overlooked items you would always like to have easy access to is that air gauge for your tires.

You know you always need to check those tires between rounds at the track, in between rides on those trails in the woods, or need to adjust the pressure in your sand paddles.

So where do you keep your air gauge?Air gauge pouch, air gage holder

Is it somewhere in your tool box?

Forgotten at home in your garage?

Under the seat in your truck?

Why not store it in an Air Gauge Pouch from your friends at Pit Products?

You can mount this handy pouch in any location to keep your air gauge handy. Put it on the wall of your trailer, bolt it to the side of your trailer door cabinet, or you could even mount it to the side of your tire rack.



As a thank you for taking the time to read our blog we would like to offer you a discount on your next order with Pit Products.


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